Elaine Weryshko is a theatre artist and practitioner of bodies from Calgary/Mohkínstsis, Canada. She works through contemporary devising styles that she pulled between Dance, Theatre, Clown, Bouffon and the Primitive. She believes in the epic of live performance and its ability to find and unite humanity in the struggles of bold intimate failure. Her current focus is contemporary performance that looks to keep challenging the interaction of the performer/audience live experiences and their need in a new authentic and post-Britney world. She writes, performs, produces, designs and kamikaze’s live events for large-scale shows in alternative spaces all over Alberta. She is interested to create work that in unimaginable and unreproducible. Work that has always been interested in human limits and testing them out through comedy and tragedy. She is Inspired through a visceral live honesty to keep pushing genres of spectacle and intimate, personal and political, viewer and participant through non-traditional physical theatre and dance. Ultimately, as an artist, she wants audiences to be provoked and forced to examine their role in the presentation. They must determine their place as supporters, mockers posers or subjects. Her work combines text, music and choreography to build scenes that set up ideas, images and relationships – and then destroy them.